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We need to find ways to communicate better about town project details and changes that could significantly impact the ability of residents to do business downtown. For example, the downtown is replete with multiple water main projects, 40R developments, and other construction that limits access to streets, parking lots, and businesses.  This is to be expected in any community, but we need a better strategy to clearly communicate to residents when road closures will take place and how long they will last.  Many residents I talk to are simply frustrated and limiting their downtown shopping. I also have to believe that non-residents who find roads blocked with poorly marked or non-existent detours are less likely to want to do business in Reading.   Select Board members are the Road Commissioners in Reading, and as a Select Board member, I would be proactive in helping establish better lines of communication with residents about road closures, detours, and parking changes.   

Our senior community is the pillar of Reading.  We need to do everything possible to ensure that seniors can afford to remain in their homes.  Reading has a senior citizen property tax exemption, but that is not enough. Large debt exclusions are coming, and water and electric bills continue to rise by double-digit levels.  Our Reading town government may not be able to control inflation, but we can at least control and improve the services we provide to our seniors. My priority will be to support seniors by ensuring they are getting the appropriate elder services, VA benefits, senior tax breaks, applying for appropriate programs to help with energy costs, and, of course, a new and/or improved Senior Center that is appropriately staffed to provide the programs and services our seniors need. 

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