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Thank you for your support, Laura! For the full article, click below:

Dear Editor,

I write today in order to express my strong support for Melissa Murphy, candidate for Reading’s Select Board.

Of the two candidates running for the vacant seat on the Reading Select Board, only one possesses the qualifications necessary to fulfill this position, and that is Melissa Murphy. Melissa is the embodiment of all that is currently needed in order to not only bring down the temperature of the current political climate in the Select Board room, but to mold the two sides into one cohesive Reading Select Board.

Melissa’s education and past work experience in the legal field has given her the tools to be able to research and analyze complicated issues.  Her volunteer experience with the Wood End PTO, Wood End School Council, Connect the Tots, and Town Meeting Member show her dedication to the Town of Reading over her 16 years of residency in our town. Her life experience as a mother of four and manager of a household of six showcases not only her qualities of responsibility and leadership, but also her strong values which are on full display for all to see when one looks at the four intelligent, well mannered, respectful, kind and impressive children that she is raising. I am eager to vote for someone that can bring these much needed qualities and living experiences to our Select Board.

After having taken the time to get to know Melissa, and speak to her about what her thoughts are pertaining to issues such as water rates, the state mandated MBTA Communities and the upcoming multiple simultaneous large debt exclusions that are on the horizon for Reading (just to name a few), it is more than apparent to me that Melissa has a clear understanding and direction of what is needed in order to help our town thrive.  After having watched each candidate engage in a forum (unfortunately from previous elections as there has yet to be a forum for this election) and also having watched both of them speak, back to back, at the second night of town meeting, it is clear to me that Melissa’s ability to analyze information, consider multiple opinions on an issue, and think on her feet far exceeds that of her opponent.  It is also clear to me that Melissa’s deep understanding of the needs and solutions for Reading have been garnered through her many years of experience of living and raising a family here in Reading, and are also unmatched by her opponent. I invite everyone to watch the two candidates speak at town meeting with this link (https://www.youtube.com/live/kE7I-Xn9Tic?si=Ly3fkaKoXf8A0tKv&t=11429) which is queued up at 3 hours 10 min and 29 seconds and watch all the way to 3 hours 17 min 49 seconds. In roughly 8 minutes one can see the difference between these two candidates. 

Watch the 8 minutes and ask yourself: Which candidate is taking a strong interest in issues that impact all of Reading? Which candidate understands the importance of time, taxes, and transparency to voters? Which candidate shows the ability to listen and hear multiple viewpoints before making a voting decision on an issue? Which candidate has a better grasp of the financial challenges facing Reading in the next few years? If you extend beyond the 8 minutes to actually watch how candidate Murphy responds to amendments and questions, you can see more evidence of the qualities of a good future Select Board member.

Never has there been a more perfect time for Melissa to throw her hat into the race for Select Board. Melissa’s clear ability to lead and manage challenging situations is a clear result of her work, volunteer, and living experiences.  On May 14, residents of Reading have the opportunity to elect a candidate that we can trust to be diligent, open to hearing all sides, be thoughtful, well informed and responsible. Please join me in casting your vote for Melissa Murphy.

Thank you for your consideration,

Laura Noonan

Pennsylvania Avenue

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